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Noodles ingredients:
Strong wheat semolina, eggs and milk

Bovaletti pasta are manufactured by top quality 100% strong wheat semolina, fresh eggs and goats milk. All ingedients are carefully chosen by producers with a long tradition in their field.

Recommended recipe:

1. Chicken Noodles (recipe serves 4)

-½ κιλογραμ Bovaletti Noodles
-1 medium size chicken,
-2 onions (chopped)
-4-5 chopped tomatoes
-1 teacup olive oil,
-grated Parmesan cheese or Kefalotiri
-salt, pepper,
-paprika (optional).

Sauté the chicken in a pot with the hot oil until it turns red. Add the onions and mix for 2 minutes. Put 2 cups of hot water and all the ingredients but not the noodles.

When the chicken is cooked we put it along with its sauce in a baking pan and put together the noodles with some extra hot water and put it in the oven.
Bake it for 40 minutes in 180 degrees.

Served with grated cheese.
Bon Appetite!!!

2. Noodles and beef stew (recipe serves 4)

-½ kilogram Bovaletti noodles
-1 Kg. beef portions
-1 onion (chopped)
-100 gr. mushrooms,
-4 peel tomatoes and chopped in dice,
-1 glass of White Dry Wine,
-½ teacup Virgin Olive oil,
-60 gr. grated Kefalograviera cheese
-some sugar, salt, pepper

Sauté the beef well, add the onion and the mushrooms, mix the for 1 minute and put the wine.
Put the tomatoes, the sugar, the salt and the pepper and let them boil in low temperature for about an hour, adding hot water if needed.

When the sauce is ready add 3 glasses of hot water and the noodles and let it boil for 20 minutes mixing them from time to time.

Serve it with grated cheese.
Bon Appetite!!!
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