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Barley ingredients:
Strong wheat semolina, eggs and milk

Bovaletti pasta are manufactured by top quality 100% strong wheat semolina, fresh eggs and goats milk. All ingedients are carefully chosen by producers with a long tradition in their field.

Recommended recipe:

Barley with beef - Giouvetsi (recipe serves 4)

-½ kilogram Bovaletti Barley
-1 Kg. beef cutted in portions
-1 onion (chopped)
-1 tin of small tomatoes or 2 table spoons of tomatoe puree
-1 teacup Virgin Olive oil
-2 laurel leaves
-kefalograviera (grated)
-salt, pepper

Sauté the beef well. Put the onion and mix it for 1 minute and add the tomatoes, the laurel, the salt and the pepper.
Put the beef with the sauce in a baking pam, add 3 teacups of hot water and the Barley and cook it in the oven for ½ an hour until the meat and the barley are turn soft.

Giouvetsi is served with cheese on it.
Bon Appetite!!!
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